Japan Holiday / Japanese Sweets (Koukasha)


I made some order on Amazon Japan and had it delivered to a convenience store near us for collection and it had arrived this morning, so we went to pick it up. On our way home, when we walked in front of the apartment where we used to live when we lived in Kobe, I remembered that it was a day that Koukasha was open there (I wrote about it once before), it’s a patisserie that opens twice a month or so and sells only to those who have made an order in advance. I didn’t order anything for this time because it is very close to our leaving day and didn’t want to be committed to anything, but last time when we were there we did see they were selling some sweets that had not been booked so we thought we’d look in. Fortunately, they did have some cakes and cookies that were not booked, so we bought some. My sister and her husband were going to come over to bring us some thing’s I had ordered and had delivered to her place so we bought 4 pieces of cake. The lady said to us, “We also have Anmitsu (Japanese sweets) if you would like to have it.” So we decided to have it at one of the tables just outside.


Manderin orange, La France (I think), shiratama dango (chewy Japanese dumplings), sweet red beans, Japanese agar jellies and dark sugar syrup. Very nice!


These tables are in the parking area of the building, so while we were having it we said, “Isn’t it strange that we are having sweets at a table in the garage where we used to park our car?”

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