Japan Holiday / Dan Dan Noodles (Store Bought, Frozen)


We bought 2 frozen Dan Dan noodles in a convenience store soon after we got to Kobe, but hadn’t had got round to having them yet so we had them for lunch today. We are going out for dinner today, so it suited us to have something not too heavy. All you do is to microwave it for 7 minutes, nice and easy, and we both liked it. The sauce is very strong and maybe quite heavy, so it may not be everyone’s favourite but we enjoyed it. We added some Sichuan powder pepper (that came in a little sachet), but it wasn’t so spicy. The sauce had Sichuan pepper flavour quite strongly but I like that taste. The noodles are quite a chewy type, probably not authentic texture for Dan Dan noodles but they were quite nice.


It didn’t feel cold when we were out earlier but it feels quite chilly now inside the apartment and my fingers are frozen when I’m doing my blog. So we did put the heater on (actually the aircon on heating function). I don’t really like to do this as it dries the air but it’s too cold to go without.

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