Japan Holiday / Sichuan Dinner With A Friend


We had dinner at “Sichuan” in Mikage with the friend who invited us for dinner yesterday at her house.


Steamed aubergine with ginger sauce.


Prawn in Chilli Sauce, more spicy than we expected.


Sweet & sour pork, they have 2 kinds and this is Shanghainese one.


Mapo Tofu. Wow! We could smell the sichuan pepper as soon as it came to the table. Very spicy, but tasty, but spicy!!


We ordered up to here to see how full we would be. The dishes were not too large so we decided we can have more and also we needed some sweet tasting dish to calm down our tongues as the Mapo Dofu was so spicy. I think this salad is their Sichuan Restaurant Original Salad.


Another dish for the same reasons as above – Prawns with mayonnaise sauce.


We ordered 1 large bowl of rice and shared it between us. At the end of our meal, there was a very small amount of maybe 3 dishes left, so I think we ordered about the right amount. There was nothing that we thought “this isn’t so good”, they were all very tasty.


After the dinner, we went to “Nishimura” near there and chatted more over coffee, then walked to the station together.


I appreciate her time to see us 3 times during our stay in Kobe, inviting us to lunch/dinner twice to her home and to share this evening. We chatted a lot and had a great time. She travels abroad without much hesitation, so we are hoping she’ll come and stay with us in England sometime soon.


It really was cold today specially because it was windy at night. You do need a coat now in the evenings. I didn’t bring my coat on this trip, thinking I’ll buy one here, so I’ll try and find one tomorrow.

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