Japan Holiday / Patisserie (Koukasya)


After we booked this apartment we are renting for a month in Kobe, we were both doing a lot of research around the area and my husband found a Patisserie, “Koukasya”, that seemed to be located in the apartment building in which we used to live, which seemed hard to understand as there was no obvious place for it . It turns out that it is in the Kura (Japanese storehouse) which is located next to the parking area.  I did some research and found out that they open just a couple of times a month as a patisserie with just a few items you can have in the cafe upstairs. Both the cafe and the cakes are available only for those who make bookings and they get fully booked very quickly each month. I did manage to book some cakes and also their “autumnal parfait” so we can have the parfait in their cafe.


The cafe upstairs is Japanese style where you sit on the floor.  Sadly and inconveniently my husband cannot sit on the floor easily these days. When he was younger, he used to manage better but now he cannot sit up on the floor without a wall behind him so he can lean back, he would fall back if there is no support and even with a support he isn’t super comfortable, the tops of his legs hurt quite badly. When we came out of the place, we saw 2 tables outside with some people having the parfait so we could have done that.


I really enjoyed the Autumnal Parfait. Some very wobbly panna cotta or something on the bottom, a special type of chestnut in syrup, muscat grapes, persimmon, some sponge, crunchy meringue, chestnut ice cream, chestnut cream on top. I thought it was delicious. However, my husband said “Too much chestnuts.” Whaaat? I guess sitting on the floor with pain didn’t help but he doesn’t seem to like chestnuts very much. What a waste!

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