Japan Holiday / Quick Lunch In The Neighbourhood (Waku)


It’s a Sunday today. When we are in England at home, we usually have Ramen for lunch on Sundays. It’s something my husband decided sometime ago. He used to dislike noodles, including Ramen, I cannot remember when he started to love them. As we cannot find proper Ramen in England, we cook instant ones, not the worst kind like pot noodles but it’s still not great for you but saves me think of something else to have.


As it’s Sunday today, my husband wanted to have Ramen for lunch, so I did some research and found a Ramen restaurant very near us that had some good reviews so we went there after our visit to Sorakuen. There was a sign saying “Finished Today”. It was there when we walked in front of it after our dinner last night, too. We got there before 12:00pm today so it cannot be “finished today” so we figured it’s closed down. Disappointing!


It was already nearly 12:00pm, and it is Sunday, which is a busy day for lunching out here. If we search for somewhere good in Sannomiya or Motomachi, we’d probably have to queue up so I told him we should try another day and he agreed.


So we went back to “Waku”, where we had lunch on our first day. I remembered there was “Black Curry” on the menu and wanted to try that. My husband reminded me on our way there (only a few minutes’ walk) that we had curry last night… yes, we did… but to me Indian curry and Japanese curry are quite different and I don’t mind having one after the other. I saw “black curry” on menu in some other restaurants too, so maybe it’s a very popular dish now. It’s not something I’m really familiar with.


I have no idea what “black curry” is supposed to be, but it was spicy with black peppers but also quite sweet. The grilled chicken on top has very crispy skin, not gamy and very tasty and the whole thing was very tasty.


With a salad, it was 1,000 yen each (£5.50).

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