Japan Holiday / Sorakuen (Japanese Garden In Kobe)


We had a lunch yesterday at “Sorakuen Parlor” in Sorakuen (Japanese Gardens) but today we went into the gardens themselves. As I’ve mentioned before, we lived in an apartment right across from one corner of this place. I guess we used to go in once a year or so while we lived here but we’ve probably visited it only once since we left Japan. When we had the Great Hanshin Earthquake the walls of the gardens all fell over. I remember the sight of them that I saw as soon as it was light enough right outside our apartment. That’s the first thing we tend to remember when we come here. As it was possible that someone was having a walk with a dog or something when the walls collapsed, we were so relieved to find out sometime later that there was no body under the rubble.


The temperature has been lower by a few degrees yesterday and today than the previous few days, and has gone up to only about 17C during the day, so it felt quite cold in the mornings and evenings inside the apartment, we even thought about putting the heating on (we had the cooler on just the day before yesterday!). So I went out with a very warm cardigan on top of a long-sleeve top but it felt quite warm under the sun and I had to take my cardigan off very quickly.


We saw a little girl being photographed for a special celebration of being 7 years old (Shichi-Go-San) and also another young lady having photos taken for the special celebration for becoming 20 years old, both in Kimono. Kimonos look great in this place. The leaves on some trees have started change to autumn colours.


I don’t know why but they were selling a special type of edamame beans (black edamame from Tanba Sasayama) at the ticket counter in Sorakuen. Just the other day my sister told me she’d been to Tanba Sasayama (about 60 km from where she lives) and wanted to buy black edamame but they couldn’t find any – so we bought them here so we can share. I have no idea if it was expensive or inexpensive but it was 1,700 yen (£9.40) and there are a lot of beans.

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