Rava Dosa (Tanglin Mall)


My husband wanted to have Dosa for lunch today, so we went to the food court in Tanglin Mall and had Rava Dosa and Samosas.  I didn’t forget this time to request for them to make it specially crispy and it came out very crispy and delicious.  Usually the staff would ask me what I want for the filling but he didn’t today so I even forgot about filling, and it came without any.  It was actually lucky that we didn’t get the potato filling because we also had samosas, which are basically potato inside and get very filling.  We ordered 4 samosas for 2 of us but they were quite large and filling and also a little greasy so 1 was enough for me.  My husband was happy to have 2 so we’ll probably order 3 next time.  They tasted good.  In total our lunch was about S$20 (including drinks).  It would taste even better if the plates were not plastic, but I suppose I cannot complain at a food court.




I had Coconut juice and my husband had some fresh juice.  My coconut juice is the most expensive item of our lunch – S$4 (++).  There is only 1 stand where you can buy any drinks in this mall.  I think before renovation the drink stand was in the middle and had more staff but now it’s near the Indian stand and only 1 window so there was a long queue.  I don’t think 1 window for drinks for this size of a food court is sufficient.  It also seemed busier today than usual.


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