Sausage & Sauerkraut Casserole





Today’s dinner was Sausages &Sauerkraut casserole.  It’s a recipe I learned at a cooking class and repeated often for a while after the class because it’s such an easy one, but I got a bit bored with it because I repeated it too often.  The cupboard where  I keep jars and tins etc has been getting full, and checking what I have there I found a few jars of Sauerkraut so I decided to make this dish again.  You mix some apple sauce in the sauerkraut so it’s a little sweet as well as sour.  I read in someone’s blog that sauerkraut and sausages go well with potatoes that have been boiled or steamed and lightly squashed with a fork as you eat, so I served some potatoes as well as green beans on the side.  Not sure if green beans go with it but I like having some green vegetables.  We enjoyed it.

There is a half jar of Sauerkraut left, so I have to make it again before too long.













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