Very Simple Lunch with A Friend At Home


I had lunch with a friend whom I hadn’t seen for a couple of months.  We were going to a cafe and have something light (as I will be out for dinner) but neither of us could come up with a good idea and in the end I suggested I’ll buy a sandwich from Park Bench Deli, make a salad and have that as lunch at home – , which is what we did.  Now that we are close to Chinese New Year getting a taxi is getting harder, it took a quite a while to get one the other day when I went out for lunch.  It rained very heavily today around the time this friend was going home so we were glad we weren’t out.  We didn’t need to get a taxi immediately and it’s also relatively easy to get one in this area, so we were able to enjoy chatting until she got a taxi on call.

以前にも書いたことがある Park Bench Deli のサンドイッチとりんご、セロリ、トーストしたアーモンドスライスのサラダ。のつもりだったのですが、Park Bench Deli のサンドイッチが以前より小さくなっていて(お値段も安くなっていました)半分ずつだと少し足りない感じだったので、玉ねぎ入りの卵焼きを挟んだサンドイッチを家で作り半分ずつ足しました。


isetan に新しく出来たケーキ屋さんのケーキをお友達が買って来てくださったので、デザートにいただきました。



There is a new cake shop in Isetan – so my friend brought some cake from the shop as a dessert.








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