Roasted Vegetable Couscous Salad with Harissa-style Dressing


We are going out for dinner tomorrow so we decided to eat at home tonight.  My husband came back from KL (he was there overnight) just at the dinner time.

昨日の夕方になって今日はおうちごはんと決まったので何を作ろうかと困りましたが、お野菜がたくさん食べられるローストラタトゥイユとクスクスのサラダにしました。ローストラタトゥイユはフランスのラタトゥイユをお鍋で煮ないでオーブンでローストするというもので、くったりと煮たお野菜も美味しいですがローストするとお野菜の甘みが出て美味しいので、ここ何年かはお鍋のラタトゥイユよりこちらを作るほうが多いです。基本はDelia Smithの「Roasted Vegetable Couscous Salad with Harissa-style Dressing」ですが、色々省略したり足したり適当に作っています。

I cooked Delia Smith’s “Roasted Vegetable Couscous Salad with Harissa-style Dressing“.  Although I also like the French style ratatouille, I like this roasted style ratatouille from Delia Smith’s book because the vegetables become much sweeter.  I don’t follow the recipe religiously, I omit a few things and add a few things.


The vegetables I used today (and I usually use) are onion, garlic, red & yellow pepper, aubergine, cougette and tomato.  I didn’t use basil but added coriander leaves after cooking.  I put couscous in a large glass bowl, then some salad leaves with rocket, then these roasted vegetables in the middle of the salad leaves.  Delia’s recipe adds goat cheese and has this as the main but I often serve this with chicken breast (cooked like how I explained the other day).  We have just a few slices of chicken with lots of the salad.


I also make the dressing a little different from the recipe.  I mix tomato paste and harrisa paste (from tubes), add quite a lot of cumin powder I make from cumin seeds, add some lemon juice to loosen the texture then add just a little olive oil (much less oil than the recipe).


The left-over is good in sandwiches.










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