Greek Dinner – Moussaka & Greek Salad


The 2nd day of the 3 day weekend today, but it was our usual Saturday.  Had lunch, did some food shopping, had tea at home at 4.00pm, read for a while, then my husband made dinner.


今日夫が作ってくれた夕食は、昨日行ったレストランでの食事に刺激されてギリシャ料理。と言っても、夫の得意料理でよく作ってくれるムサカですが、今日はグリークサラダ付きでした(いつもサラダは作ってくれますが、普通のサラダ。)ムサカは、Delia Smith のレシピですが、ビーフのミンチを煮込む時に缶詰のトマト缶を加えています。

Dinner my husband made today was Greek – he wanted to cook a Greek dinner after having had Greek dinner last night.  Having said that, the main was Moussaka, which is one of the meals he makes most.  I suggested him to make Greek Salad instead of his usual salad and he did.  He uses Delia Smith’s recipe for Moussaka but adds some tin tomato to the mince beef when he cooks it.








Both very good.




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