Blu Kouzina – Greek Restaurant


Today was the 1st day of a long weekend here in Singapore.

今日の夕食は、ブキティマロードにあったときに何度か行ったことがあるギリシャ料理のレストラン「Blu Kouzina」に行ってきました。デンプシーに移転してからは初めて。確か以前は2軒隣通しにあって1軒はインテリアが良い感じだったけれどお酒が飲めず、隣はお酒は飲めるけれどインテリアがそっけないお店だったと思います。デンプシーのお店は結構広いお店で、カジュアルですがギリシャっぽい素敵なインテリアでした。連休1日目だからか、とても賑わっていました。

We went to a Greek restaurant “Blu Kouzina” in Dempsey.  We’ve been there when it was in Bukit Timah Road (I’ve been there twice I think) but this is our first time since they moved to Dempsey.  In Bukit Timah Road I think they had 2 restaurants side by side and one had nicer decor but they didn’t serve any alcohol and the other one served alcohol but it was very bare.  The restaurant in Dempsey is quite large.  It’s very casual but has a nice Greek feel to it.  Maybe because it’s the beginning of the long weekend, but it was very busy.

以前のお店に行ったときに1品ずつの量が多めだったと覚えていたので、少なめにオーダーしました。フムス、トルコ料理で有名な茄子のお料理 Imam Bayildi、そしてスブラキ(ビーフの串焼き)。フムスも茄子もしっかり味だったので、ピタパンを追加オーダー。やはり、3品でお腹いっぱい。

I remembered that when we were in their old place (some years ago), their portion was quite generous so we ordered just 3 dishes.  Hummous, Imam Bayildi and  Skewered Grilled Beef.  We also ordered extra pita bread because Hummous was quite salty.


Hoummous.  To me too salty but I guess they want you to drink a lot of beer or wine.



Melting aubergine with caramelised onion on top.  The photo is too blurred but it also came with a block of feta cheese.  Very tasty.



I’m not a big fan of simply cooked meat, I generally prefer meat with some sort of sauce unless the meat is specially delicious.  These aren’t really – not to me anyway – so I didn’t enjoy it very much but it was tender and my husband enjoyed it.  A little too rare for me as well, although we asked for medium.



Although we were quite full with the above 3, we felt like having something little as a dessert so we ordered 1 baklava each.



It was a nice meal.  We had a bottle of sparkling water and 3 bottles of beer and the total bill was S$150.  I think we ordered relatively light dishes (we avoided those that have tons of cheese on top but 3 dishes was enough.  I think it’s a place where you should go as a group of 4 or 5 people to be able to enjoy more dishes – but we enjoyed it.

Blu Kouzina
10 Dempsey road
#01-21,  247700

Tel: 6875 0872

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