Rava Dosa At Tanglin Mall Food Court


We had a quick lunch at the Food Court in Tanglin Mall.  I’ve used only their Vegetarian Indian stall because we go there to have Rava Dosa.  The last time we didn’t order a set so there was no filling so this time we made sure to order the Rava Dosa set, which inclludes some chutney, masala, Rava dosa with potato filling and something similar looking to a donut (but not sweet).  I also ask them to make the Rava dosa specially crispy – it’s so nice when it’s crispy and even crunchy in some parts.  We also ordered Mixed Vegetable Curry and white rice.  The vegetable curry was quite spicy but very tasty, we liked it very much.




It was S$11, which isn’t cheap.


I wanted coconut juice but they were out so I had orange juice and my husband had pineapple juice – S$8 together, which seems a bit expensive….?



The plates and cutleries are plastic and it’s a food court so S$19 for two seems a little on the expensive side but we get served quickly and we can do shopping afterwards and the food tastes good.  Most Indian restaurants that have nice enough atmosphere serve North Indian food, which is quite heavy.  I tend to prefer South Indian food as it’s lighter.  Not that I’ve had South Indian food so many times, but I feel that way from my little experience.








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