Cheese Fondue


Happy Chinese New Year!  They are having a Chinese New Year holiday in Hong Kong and Singapore.  I would have loved to go to China Town to soak up the atmosphere if we were in London but there is nothing that reminds us of that here.  We were celebrating Chinese New Year for 20 years so I miss it a little but not like I miss Japanese New Year, I must say I’m not really feeling it’s a New Year right now, I guess it’s still a foreign event to me.

さて、今週は金曜日ではなく今日の土曜日に外食予定なので、昨日のディナーは家で夫のリクエストでチーズフォンデューでした。Waitrose (一応、一番格が上のスーパーという認識なのですが)にチーズフォンデューのキットが見つからず、グリエール、エメンタールチーズを買って作りました。


We are going out for dinner today instead of yesterday, so we had dinner at home last night – Cheese Fondue, on my husband’s request.  Waitrose near here didn’t have any Cheese Fondue kits, so we bought Gruyere and Emmental cheeses to make it from scratch.

We thought both Gruyere and Emmental are quite common cheeses but the last time when we looked we couldn’t find Gruyere in a supermarket.  In Waitrose this time they had proper Gruyere but the Emmental they sell was already in a pack of slices.  I wrote this before but I used to complain how the range of available European cheeses and cured meats in Singapore wasn’t very good comparing to that in Hong Kong but it’s much worse here.  You would think it would be much better as it’s so close to Europe but that isn’t the case.  You can get all sorts of Cheddar here but the range of European cheeses is very small.  I know they have good Cheese speciality shops in London but not here, even those shops with good cheese etc have mostly local cheeses with just a little from Europe.  I know the movement for moving local produce is big now and it’s a good thing but I also want to have an access to other produce.  Still, this isn’t a surprise as I knew this is often the case in Europe, too.  We were just spoiled in Hong Kong and Singapore.


As always, we had it with French bread, salami, boiled new potatoes, carrots and a large salad.  We always have a huge salad when we have Cheese Fondue – maybe more salad than fondue.  I added half an apple in the salad yesterday.




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