Another Box of Maison Du Chocolat


Another box of Maison du Chocolat is truffles. I don’t drink coffee much these days but I still enjoy strong coffee with these chocolate. Also with Scotch Whisky!


It feels like the importance of keeping social distance seems to be sinking in, and most people seem to be following the advice now. Even when you are young and healthy and have no symptoms it is possible that you are infected and are passing it to others without knowing, and somewhere along the line to some elderly or vulnerable people. Keeping the social distance is the way to slow down the spread.


I see many classes are still being held in Japan so I guess they aren’t at such a stage yet? I must say I’m impressed how it hasn’t spread in Japan as much as many other countries, even though it is a very crowded country. My guess is the high level of the medical system and personal hygiene habits are playing a large part. I hope it’ll continue doing well until it all dies down.


Schools are closing on Monday here in England and it seems like London might be locked down soon.

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