One Pot Mexican Beef & Rice

今日のディナーは、Hello Frensh の「One Pot Mexican Beef & Rice」でした。ミンチビーフを炒めて、メキシコ風スパイスとニンニクを加えて更に軽く炒め、水、トマトペースト、キドニービーンズ、赤ワインを煮詰めたもの、バズマティ米、塩胡椒を加えて沸騰したら蓋をして弱火で15分、火から外して更に15分、シャンツァイの半分を加えて混ぜて上からチーズをかけてグリルで焼いて、残りのシャンツァイを散らして出来上がり。水は多すぎると思い減らしましたがまだ多かったようで、べちゃべちゃしていたのでシャンツァイを混ぜる前にもう一度火にかけ弱火で5分煮てちょうど良かったです。

Today’s dinner was “One Pot Mexican Beef & Rice” from Hello Fresh. You sauté mince beef, add garlic and Mexican spice mix, sauté a little more, then add water, tomato paste, kidney beans, red wine reduction, basmati rice, salt & pepper. Once boiling you put the lid on, simmer for 15 minutes, take it off the heat, let it rest for 15 minutes, add a half of chopped coriander leaves and mix it through. Scatter grated cheese, put it under the grill and let it brown. Serve it with the rest of the coriander scattered on top. Although I added less water than in the recipe the rice was still too wet so we put it back on low heat for 5 minutes before adding the coriander leaves and it was better.


The taste is very much like Chilli Con Carne but much milder. It’s a bit like Paella I guess. There was too much for one meal so we had about a half, we’ll have the rest tomorrow.

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