Lunch Wtih My Brother-In-Law & His Wife (White Horse, Hascombe)

夫の弟夫婦と1ヶ月ぶりくらいでランチをしました。どちらからも行きやすいナショナルトラストのWinkworth Arboretumに行くことになり、その近くにある White Horse というパブでランチ。どちらからも車で50分くらい。

We had lunch with my husband’s younger brother and his wife.  We decided to visit “Winkworth Arboretum” after the lunch, which is within an easy enough reach for both of us, so had lunch at a pub, the “White Horse” near there.  It’s about 50 minutes from both of our houses.




I had Buttermilk Chicken Burger.  I find that chicken burger in England is often tough or dry but this one was very nice.  It also had some coleslaw.  I forgot to take a photo of my husband’s lunch but he had Beef Burger.  His brother had Fish & Chips and his wife had Beef Burger.






The interior was nice, the staff was very friendly and the food was very good.  My husband had 1 pint of beer, I had a half pint of beer, my brother-in-law had a bottle of non-alcohol beer, his wife had sparkling water (we shared 2 bottles of sparkling water) and the bill was 55 pounds per couple including tips.  My lunch was very good for a pub.


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