There was some leftovers from last night’s Indian meal so we decided to have it for today’s dinner, but we also made some daal as we weren’t sure if there was enough left to satisfy us.

There are many different styles of daal, but this one was what I learned from a cooking class teacher at a restaurant in Singapore, I think she was originally from north India.  Most daals I’ve had in Indian restaurants were very mild, very simple and to me too plain, but this one uses sizzling oil – heated oil with cumin, garlic slices, dried chillis and fresh curry leaves – , which adds lovely flavour and I enjoy it.  Unfortunately, we cannot get hold of curry leaves around here, so no curry leaves today, but it was still flavourful with garlic and cumin.  (I think dried chillis are just for the presentation, I don’t find they add any flavour.)





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