Indian Takeaway (Sainsbury’s)


Having had 10 days or 2 weeks of beautiful warm and sunny weather in England, of course it wasn’t going to get warmer and become spring – tomorrow morning the temperature will go down to 1C, on the weekend it’ll go down to minus 1C, so it’ll be back to winter, mainly rainy and cold in the next week or so.  They had similar weather in Japan although the timing was a little different, they also had some very warm weather then had snow.  I guess it goes up and down this time of year.


I have a feeling that we have been cheating with dinners often recently, but we bought one of those “Indian Takeaways” from Salisbury’s as we needed to go there to get something anyway.  It had onion bahji, 2 chicken curries (butter chicken and jalfrezi), pilau rice & naan.  We also bought a pack of samosas to go with it.


The Onion bahji had been deep-fried for too long and were slightly burned but the rest was quite good.  We’ve bought Indian meals from Marks & Spencers and Waitrose before but we thought today’s was the best so far.  I think in general it’s said that Marks & Spencers and Waitrose sell the  best quality products, and that’s what we tend to think, but there are many exceptions.  We have been disappointed with products from Marks & Spencers and Waitrose many times and have had better things from Sainsbury’s many times, too.








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