Staying In London



We are staying in London for 3 nights from today. Next month we are going to the wedding of my husband’s nephew so we mainly came here to find something I can wear at the wedding. As it would be stressful if we didn’t have much time, and we wanted to enjoy London anyway as we hadn’t been here for a while, so we are staying for 3 nights.


The hotel we are staying at is Claridge’s. When we arrived our room wasn’t ready and the hotel offered us drinks in the bar while we waited.


The room was soon ready, so we went up to drop our luggage and then went out for shopping.



And we did find my outfit straight away! Yay! I am so so relieved! This has been a huge stress for me. I have a few outfits I could wear to a wedding in Japan but they are all black. In Japan it’s not bad manners to wear black as long as it doesn’t look like something you could wear at a funeral. Here in England, apparently it’s not the done thing. Although if you search online you see lots of “opinions” that say you can wear black you don’t actually see it done. I’ve asked around and nobody said you can. I think the most common look (for my sort of age anyway) for wedding guests and mothers of bride/groom is a flowery dress (with a waist cinched in) with a short jacket (bolero). Neither flowery dress with a waist cinched in nor a bolero looks good on me. I am not very sure that what I bought is regarded suitable for a wedding guest but at least it’s not black and it looks smart so hopefully people won’t judge me.

So, we can now enjoy London without worry!

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