Pasta With Homemade Salsiccia & Tomato Sauce


Today’s dinner was “Pasta with homemade salsiccia & tomato sauce” that I learned at a zoom cooking class that my friend runs (I bought the recorded version), the original recipe was “Tomato & Cheese Pasta with Chicken Salsciccia” but I used pork instead of chicken and didn’t use any cheese.  There is a shop online, where we can get delicious salsiccia but you need to buy quite a large quantity so we hadn’t ordered for a little while and I thought I’d give this recipe a go.


In the recipe it says add any spices/herbs you like, as much or as little as you like, so I added some fennel seeds, dried oregano, fresh rosemary, and paprika (both hot and mild).  I also used dried panko instead of fresh (but less amount).  I made the salsciccia balls very small, small enough to eat in one bite as that’s the way I like them.  The salsciccia we buy online has very strong taste but the one I made today was softer, but still very delicious.  I don’t like cream cheese so I didn’t use any cheese and used rocket leaves instead of spinach as we didn’t have spinach.  The pasta we used was fettuccine.  It was very tasty.





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