Yakiniku in London (Kintan)


When we are in London we’d like to eat what we cannot eat where we live, and we decided to try a yakiniku restaurant tonight. Whenever we go back to Japan we go to Yakiniku, but we haven’t been back for more than 3 years so we hadn’t had yakiniku for that long. There are quite a few yakiniku restaurants in Singapore and the level there is quite high (but also very expensive) but I only found 2 in London, which surprised me. It looked like this one is more popular amongst Japanese living in London so we tried “Kintan”, I read a lot of people writing about this place in their blogs.


We ordered Edamame (not enough salt), Chicken Gyoza (I forgot to take a photo but this was awful, the filling was some sort of paste with a lot of raw garlic, garlic was all I could taste), Kimchee (not pickled for long but they must’ve added some vinegar to mimic longer fermentation, I tend to like both Japanese pickles and Korean pickles that are pickled for a long time so I quite like this), steamed rice, Vegetable Bibimbap (it didn’t taste like Bibimbap at all, but it was quite good as a vegetable & garlic fried rice). As for yakiniku (meat), we tried American Kalbi and Ribeye from Chile and we liked the Kalbi better so we ordered another plate of it.. I didn’t think the quality of beef was great but just OK, they were marinaded in quite a salty marinade but once you dip it in sweet sauce it tasted good enough.

これも写真を撮り忘れましたが、デザートに s’more をいただいてみました。アメリカでバーベキューの時によく食べられるもののようで、マシュマロを焼いてチョコレートと一緒にビスケットに挟んでいただくものですが、コンロがガスではなく電気だったのでキャラメライズはされず柔らかくなるだけ。それなりに美味しかったです。

I forgot to take a photo again but we had “s’more”as a dessert. Because the grill wasn’t gas but electric, all you can do is let the marshmallow go soft rather than caramelising it like you can in a flame but it was enjoyable enough.

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