Dim Sum In London


We tried a Dim Sum restaurant for lunch today. When we lived in Hong Kong I probably had Dim Sum for lunch 2 or 3 times a week with my friends. In Singapore we found Chinese/Dim Sum restaurants not as good as in Hong Kong so we didn’t go to them as often but I still went to one now and again with my friends. However, in England, unless you are in London, there isn’t anywhere you can have dim sum so it’s one of the things I miss from my Hong Kong and Singapore days.

今回、トライしたのは Soho のYauatcha (ヤウアチャ)という点心専門点。ロンドンの中華料理のお店「ハッカサン」と同じ方がプロデュースされたそうです。

This time we tried a restaurant called Yauatcha, which was produced by the same person as Hakkasan, an upscale Chinese restaurant where we’d been a few times.


We ordered (I think) some sort of Iron Buddha Tea. Usually, in a dim sum restaurant, when you order tea you get a tea pot with tea leaves and hot water and you can ask for more hot water when you empty it. However, here, they must brew tea in a pot and pour it in another one as our pot had just brewed tea, no tea leaves and the tea was much too weak, it tasted almost like hot water.


BBQ Pork Bao. I often find the filling (BBQ pork) too gamy but my husband loves this so we almost always order it when we are at a dim sum restaurant together. This one was too gamy for me so I just enjoyed the bao part, which was nice and fluffy.


Prawn dumplings. The skin of the dumplings seemed slightly different from what I remember from Hong Kong days, but the prawns were very fresh and tasty.


Siu Long Bao with Iberico pork and truffles, we enjoyed it.


Deep-fried spring rolls with mushrooms, which were also good.


Pork wontons with spicy sauce. The spicy sauce was quite different from usual, it was very much like the soup from Dan Dan noodles, but they were enjoyable enough.


We were going to have dessert as well but the only Chinese dessert they had was fried milk, so we decided not to have any. We thought we’d have fried dumplingas with sesame or custard and apparently they used to have them but not any more.


To be honest, I wasn’t expecting them to be very good so I would say they were better than I expected. The bill was 75 pounds after service charge, which seems quite expensive comparing to Hong Kong and Singapore but that is expected in London.

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