Pork Hongrose (Hungarian Pork)


Tonight’s dinner was Pork Hongrose, which apparently means Hungarian Pork.  I guess it’s Hungarian Goulash with pork.  I followed a recipe in a blog that I read.  I have made Goulash many times before but usually use beef (I have used veal but the veal I get here in Singapore is too gamey for me so we changed to beef).  I presume using pork (fillet) is more healthy than beef so I wanted to try this.


I forgot to use flour so it didn’t thicken as much as I wanted it to but it was still good.  As it’s fillet, it was a little drier than I like but it wasn’t too dry.  No tin tomatoes, no peppers so only a few ingredients necessary.  However, personally, I prefer with less meat and more vegetables so next time I think I’ll use peppers.  (We did have seconds after this modest portion.)



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