Hong Kong (Day2 Dinner at Sichuan House)

香港2日目は、スタンレーから戻って夕方までお部屋でゆっくりして、夕食は四川料理のレストランに行ってみました。セントラルにある、霸王川莊 (Sichuan House)

On the 2nd day in Hong Kong, after visiting Stanley, we did a little shopping in Central near the hotel but rested the rest of the afternoon in the room.  Then we had Sichuan dinner at Sichuan House in Central.



Coriander pork belly rolls with crushed garlic.



Crispy boneless chicken with dried chilli.  Both my husband and I have had this in various restaurants before and we always thought it looks very spicy with all the chillis but chicken isn’t spicy.  Well, it was extremely spicy in this restaurant!!  On their menu they indicate how spicy each dish is with a number of chillis – from 1 to 5 and this one had 3 chillis.  Thank Goodness, we didn’t order 5 chillis!



Crispy eggplant served with sweet spicy sauce.  The eggplant was coated with batter then deep-fried.  It was not greasy at all, the batter was sort of chewy in a nice way.  The sauce was just sweet to us, probably because our tounges were numb from the previous chicken dish.  We enjoyed this one.



Dan Dan noodles.  There are various type of Dan Dan noodles, this one was very rich with lots of peanut sauce.  It came in a very large bowl but we asked them to divide in 2 bowls and they were actually quite small, like a tea cup size.



Mapo-tofu with mince pork and mince beef.



We were quite full but our tounges were still buzzing so we wanted to have something sweet and we ordered banana fritters.



Although the chicken dish was too spicy for us, it was all very good and we enjoyed our meal here.  I think it was quite an expensive dinner, though.

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