Lunch at “Nam Nam”


Christmas cards I posted on Tuesday arrived to my friends in England yesterday already!  They took only 3 days!!  I don’t think they arrived at my friends in Japan yet.  Last year I posted them on the 13th and most of them took 3 weeks or longer, so a week seems to make a big difference.  I’m going to try to post them early in December again next year!

今日は、ずっと Marks & Spencer’sを覗いてみたいと思っていたので、Wheelock Place の Nam Nam で軽くランチをしました。揚げ春巻き、チキンのフォー、(写真を撮り忘れた)ポークのベトナムサンドをシェアー。飲み物は、フレッシュライムソーダ。

I have been wanting to look at the revamped food section in M&S for a long time and we decided to do so this afternoon, so we had a quick lunch at Nam Nam in Wheelock Place.  We shared deep-fried spring rolls, Chicken Pho and Vietnamese Sandwich (forgot to take a photo) and had fresh lime sodas.






There used to be a lot of large slices of chicken in their Chicken Pho but about a year or so ago I noticed they started to use small pieces of chicken and the amount seeks to be getting less and less.


ちなみに、Marks & Spencer’s は経営が上手く行かず海外の支店の多くを閉めることにしたようですが、シンガポールは大丈夫みたいですね。最近、冷凍だけではなく冷蔵の食品が入っていると聞いたので見に行ってみました。確かに以前よりいろいろ入っていましたがわたしたちにとってはオーチャードは食品の買い物には不便なので、わざわざ行こうと思うほどのものはなかったです。ついでなら、ちょっと寄ってみようかと思う程度でしょうか。

The reason I wanted to go to M & S was that I heard they now have a lot of food in the fridge section.  Although they do have some, it’s not enough for us to want to go there because Orchard isn’t a veryconvenient area for us to do a food shopping.  We may have a look if we are nearby.



Nam Nam
501 Orchard Road
#B2-02, Wheelock Place
Wheelock Place, 238880




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