Casual Italian In Osaka, Japan


This time in Japan I was able to have lunch with friends on two occasions.  I was scheduled to have a 3rd lunch with another friend on another day but I had to cancel it because I had my dates mixed up and I wasn’t going to be back from my trip to the onsen with my husband for the lunch – so careless of me….  It’s scary how I tend to make many mistakes these days that I never would have done when I was younger …. (My sincere apologies to my friend I could not see….)


For the other occasion, I went to Osaka and had lunch with a couple of friends in Allegro (Italian).  We ordered one of the lunch sets each and also a small pizza to share.  I really liked their pizza, which was Naples style.






This friend I made in Hong Kong was living there for many years but is soon moving to another country to start a new page in her life.  She was very busy trying to have everything done before leaving Japan again so I didn’t think I would be able to see her but fortunately she was able to make time.  I hadn’t seen our mutual friend for a few years either so it was lovely for the three of us to get together.  Two and a half hours was hardly enough to catch up with each other properly but it was great to see them.  All the best for my friend who is starting her new life in a new place!

大阪市北区曾根崎2-14-7 グランデ曽根崎ビル 1F 旧小学校側入り口
Sonezaki Kita-ku Ōsaka-shi Ōsaka-fu

Tel: 06-6367-4100

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