We usually go out for lunch on Saturday and have a simple lunch at home on Sunday.  Both my husband and I are too lazy to have a big variety of lunches.  Usually my husband makes lunch and he tends to do a toast with scrambled egg most of the weeks.  He used to also cook sausages with beans but we are trying to cut down things like sausages so now it’s almost always scrambled egg on toast.


I wanted to use the sliced Sourdough bread I bought from Providore that’s been sitting in the freezer for a while so we made Tartine with tomato & mozzarella.  All we did was toasting the slices of bread, pour some olive oil, top it with slices of tomato and mozzarella, put it back to the oven toaster until the cheese melts, then add a little salt & pepper, a little more olive oil and fresh basil.


タングリンモールの Paul のタルティーヌを真似したもの。お店のはカリッと焼いてとお願いしてもべちゃべちゃで残念なのですが、自分で作ればカリカリで美味しい!ピッツァと似ているようですが、ベースがカリカリでピッツァとは随分違いますし、ソースもなくフレッシュなトマトと水牛モッツァレラだけなので軽くてピッツァとはまた違った味わい。ブルスケッタに近いです。

I copied one of the Tartine I’ve had in Paul in Tanglin Mall.  Even when I ask them to toast the bread until crispy it’s almost always wet and soggy but ours was lovely and crispy.  It may look similar to pizza but the base is nice and crunchy and the topping is just tomato and buffalo mozzarella without sauce so it actually tastes quite different from pizza.  It’s more like Bruschetta, I think.

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