El Mero Mero – Mexican in Chijmes

昨日の夜になって慌てて今日の夕食に行くレストランをあれこれ検索しましたがどこも満席。最終的に「気になるリスト」にあったチャイムズの「El Mero Mero」というちょっとモダンなメキシコ料理のお店に予約を入れました。

I tried to make a reservation at a restaurant for today last night but many places were already fully booked.  In the end, I made a booking at El Mero Mero (Mexican in Chijmes) as it was on my list of restaurants to try.


As this was our first time we didn’t know the portions and how heavy the dishes might be so we didn’t order a lot, thinking we can add more later if necessary.  We shared 1 from the starters, 1 from Tacos and 1 from Enchilada sections.


We odered “Sweet Corn Sampler” from the starter.

しっかり読んでいなかったのがいけなかったのですが、とうもろこしと思っていたらベビーコーンでした。ベビーコーンはあまり好きじゃないのです。茶色っぽいのは、ウイトラコチェのドーナッツ(Huitlacoche Donuts) とありました。よくわからずオーダーしましたが、調べてみると黒穂病(黒カビが繁殖する病気)に感染したとうもろこしのことだそうですが、トリュフのような味がするとのことです。が、わたしにはトリュフどころかきのこっぽさもわからずでちょっとトウモロコシの粉っぽい香りがするだけでした。夫は美味しいと言っていましたが、わたしには脂っこく感じられました。まぁ、揚げてあるのですから多少脂っこいのは仕方ないですね、

It was my own fault that I didn’t read the description properly but it was quite different from what I expected.  The sweet corns were baby sweet corns, which I’m not so keen on, but it was OK.  Huitlacoche Donuts were a little strange.  I didn’t know waht Huitlacoche was but as it said “sampler” I expected it to have some sweet corns, but it didn’t.  After searching I found out that Huitlacoche is corn with illness that a pathogenic fungus grows inside and it’s supposed to taste like truffle.  I wasn’t able to detect anything like truffle, I thought it tasted like corn meal.  I thought it was a bit oily and boring but my husband liked it.





From Tacos, we chose Kurobuta.  The pork was quite chewy but it tasted very nice with the sauce.  They were very small so we should have ordered 4 of them.



We chose Chicken from the Enchiladas but it was quite different from what we expected.  Tortilla with chicken inside was swimming in the sauce….  The sauce was too sour for me but I guess it’s how it’s supposed to be.  Are tortilla also supposed to be completely soggy?  It tasted OK but I cannot say I liked it very much – but then I’m not surprised if this is exactly how it’s supposed to be so I feel I cannot complain.



This was all we ordered at first but the portions were quite small and we wanted more, so we decided to order Chicken Tacos and also Pecan Pie – we ordered both at the same time so we woukdn’t have to wait for a long time for the dessert.  Up to here, our impression was OK – nothing special but the restaurant has a nice buzz and we thought it was quite a nice place. This changed when we still hadn’t got the tacos 20 minutes later.


We asked the waitress if it was coming soon.  It’s a long story and I don’t want to write all the details here but our conclusion is that they forgot our order.  It was 35 minutes after we made the order when it finally came.  Then 10 more minutes before the dessert came.  We could see that the waitress was trying to tell the chef to hurry up and the restaurant was very busy, but they should probably have more staff in the kitchen if we have to wait for 30 minutes for 2 little tacos.  They didn’t charge for the chicken tacos as an apology but that’s not what we want.  I was able to see the staff in the kitchen as it’s open, nobody seemed to be working very fast, they were all working at their leisure.  I might be wrong but it looked like there is only 1 person who can make tacos, I guess others do prep but not actual assembly.  It’s not surprising if that’s the case that we had to wait for 30 mintues for 2 small tacos because the restaurant is quite large and it was full.


In fact, at the table next to us, there were 2 ladies who didn’t have anything but a peacan pie to share.  We thought they were waiting for 20 minutes or longer just for that.


Very large portion of chicken for the size of mini tacos.  It tasted good but tacos were completely soggy, which was a shame.  Tacos for kurobuta were very nice so I’m sure this could have been nicer.



Peacan Pie was very nice, I really enjoyed it.  I’ve had some that is too sweet but this wasn’t too sweet for me, just nice.



Pecan Pie was delicious and all in all taste was good (not special, just OK), but with such really slow service I don’t think we’ll return.


We had 1 and a half pints of draft beer, a bottle of sparkling water and the bill was S$122 (they didn’t charge for the chicken tacos).


Chijmes looks very nice at night.







Well, another place we tried and will not return.  It’s so hard to find a restaurant we went to keep returning to.


El Mero Mero
30 Victoria Street
#01-20 Chijmes, 187996

Tel: 6337 1377




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