Catch Up Lunch At P.S.Cafe


I had lunch again with the friend I had lunch with after the flower class on Monday.  I had to go to the hair salon in the morning and I was messaging this friend in a taxi and was told that they couldn’t find my name on the list of reservation at the restaurant we were going to have lunch at.  They found it for tomorrow….!  I have no idea how I could have made such a mistake other than getting old….

仕方ないので近くの Palais Renaissance の P.S.Cafe に場所を変更。

So, we went to P.S.Cafe in Palais Renaissance, which was just across the road.


My friend had Pad Thai Sald.  I‘ve had this at their Dempsey outlet and remembered that there was hardly any noodles in although it did taste good.  The majority of the salad is made with raw bean sprouts, which many Asian people seem to love but I dislike.  I just don’t like that particular raw taste of them.  My friend said the same.  The dressing is very tasty, though.




I had Turkey Cranberry Sandwich.  A very large portion but I did finish it.  Although I didn’t like the bacon, which had strong gamy flavour, it tasted very nice after I pulled  some of the bacon out.  I don’t like the dressing of the salad, though. It was much too sweet.






There was so much to talk about and listen to, I think we were talking non-stop.  It was a shame that we weren’t able to have lunch at the originally planned restaurant, but I had a lovely time anyway.  We are going to go to the restaurant we were planning to go to sometime soon.




Palais Renaissance
390 Orchard Road
Singapore 238871





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