Chorizo, Potato & Balsamic Vinegar


Today’s dinner was something I started making many years ago, I think there is something similar in Spain but it’s not really Spanish as I use balsamic vinegar.  I sautee onion, pepper, chorizo, sliced potato – I tend to do sautee choirzo separately also potato separately – and after putting all on a bed of romain lettuce I pour a little balsamic vinegar (mixture of ordinary one and good one) in the oil that came out of chorizo and pour it over on top.


When I made it and also while we were eating it, I kept having this nagging feeling I’d left something out.  After eating it halfway through, my husband said “You sometimes put eggs on this, don’t you?”.  Yes!!  I put poached eggs on this so the soft egg yolk becomes a part of the dressing.  Without them it wasn’t quite the same.


I had lunch with a friend but we found out there was no table for us – I’d made a reservation for tomorrow by mistake.  What’s happening to me?


Even the photo is out of focus….!







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