Chicken, Avocado, Mango & Almond Salad


Today’s dinner was Chicken, Avocado, Mango & Almond Salad – I probably make it at least once in one or 2 months.  I used different style of presentation today – I lined them up rather than my usual higgledy piggledy way.  It has mint and coriander leaves as well.  I’ve written the rough recipe a few times before so I’m not going to here – click here if you’d like to see how.  I often forget one component or another but I didn’t today.  I used too much mango today but apart from that it was really good.  The avocado was nice and ripe as well.  I used 2 halves of chicken breast today as we didn’t have soup to start with and it was just about the right amount.  This is one of few things I can eat without bread because it doesn’t have strong taste and very lightly seasoned.








My husband seems to be coming down with a cold.  I wonder where he picked it up.  It doesn’t look like on a plane so probably on a bus.  Hope it’s just a light cold.







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