Da Luca


I had lunch with 2 new friends – I met both through friends quite recently.  We were making cards together the other day and we started talking about restaurants and one of them recommended an Italian restaurant neither of us had been to and we decided to go there together.

Da Luca というNovenaにあるイタリアンレストランで、初めて行った、多分古いのだろうと思われるショッピングセンターの1階にありました。お店の中の写真を撮るのを忘れてしまったのですが、イタリアンらしい雰囲気のレンガの壁の内装で、近所でお仕事をされている方達が大勢いらしていたようでとても賑やかでした。

The restaurant is called Da Luca, it was in an old-looking shopping mall on the ground floor.  I forgot to take a photo of the interior but it looked sort of a typical Italian restaurant with some brick walls.  It was very busy, I think a lot of their customers work near there.


We all took their lunch set.  Others had Carpaccio for the starter, which was quite a large portion for a starter of a set lunch.



I chose slow-cooked eggs with cream mushroom sauce and salami.



I chose Penne All’Amatriciana but asked the staff if they’d use spaghetti instead and they kindly did.  It looked like a very large portion but there wasn’t that much of spaghetti, it was more the sauce (which I ended up leaving).  The portion of spaghetti is on the small side I think, but just right for me as the eggs filled me up.  The sauce was a little sour but not too bad and the pasta was very hot and nicely al dente.




The other friend had Seabass – which is again a large piece.



Dessert was apple cake.  The colour of the sauce wasn’t very appetising but it tasted nice – it was a nut sauce.  The cake was very moist, not too sweet and very nice.




We shared a bottle of sparkling water and ordered a drink after the meal and it was about S$40 per person – quite reasonable.  Both my starter and the main were good.  I would say it’s like home cooked Italian.


We started the lunch a little late – from 1.00pm – so that’s partly why but the time went so fast and the staff brought the bill around 2.30 and looked like they wanted us to leave as soon as possible.  It felt a little rushed I must say.  I think they close at 3.00pm but want to close earlier I guess when they can.  So many restaurants are like this here.



Da Luca Italian Restaurant
1 Goldhill Plaza
Singapore 308899‎
Tel: 6258 4846




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