Handmade Christmas Card


I finally sent out all the Christmas cards to outside Singapore.  I doubt very much if they’ll get to the destinations in time for Christmas but I feel good that I’d made them and sent them out.


I don’t know why but somehow I couldn’t get the mojo back this year for Christmas cards.  I kept trying to find the cards I wanted to make but somehow couldn’t then as the time got closer to Christmas I got pressured more and more but still couldn’t find any that I wanted to make.  In the end I made many of 2 different cards rather than many different ones like usual.  I had made a few different ones earlier in the year so some of my friends will get them but most of them will get one or the other so I won’t upload the cards until the time they get them.



2 friends came to make cards today and both of them made 2 Christmas cards each, both very pretty.


One of them made 2 of this referring to a card I made for my husband some years ago but using different colour for the base.  They look very girly and pretty.




The other friend made these – very classic and festive looking.







It was lovely to catch up with them while they made cards.






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