Binomio With My Husband


We had dinner at Binomio, where I thought was very good when I had dinner there with my friends a couple of weeks ago.  We were taken to a smaller room back of the main part.



Manchego cheese and Quince jelly.



Cheese terrine with honey – I liked it last time so we ordered it.



Bread that comes with the above cheese is also very nice, it has nuts or/and seeds.



Grilled vegetables with smoked olive oil.



Iberico pork shoulder.  I liked it before and it was very good today, too.





Mince balls of veal.  This was extremely gamy to me, it tasted like lamb and I couldn’t eat it.  My husband liked it, though.




We had ordered one more dish (pumpkin & broccoli) but they seemed to have forgotten and by the time we had the above we were both quite full so we asked them to let us cancel it.  We ordered a dessert, though – churos.  We’d never been to Spain and had the real churos so I don’t know what it’s supposed to be, but we thought it wasn’t cooked all the way through, there was some wet dough in the middle.  However, apart from that, it was nicely deep-fried and light.





We had a bottle of sparkling water and a bottle of wine and the bill was a little less than S$240.  We didn’t order any main dishes because their tapas come in quite a large portion for 2, so the bill was quite reasonable.  I think 4 tapas and a dessert between 2 is probably about the right amount but I did have a full lunch and wasn’t so hungry and my husband had quite a lot more than I did.


There are many fish and seafood items but I think they have quite a lot of items I can eat for a Spanish restaurant.  My husband also enjoyed the meal.  The only thing is that female staff who was in charge of us wasn’t very nice and my husband was complaining about them to me how they should train their staff better.  I eat out a lot with my friends so I think I sort of got used to the bad service and don’t seem to bother me as much as it used to these days.  Their male staff is friendly but not female staff.  I thin that the female staff don’t mean to be rude but they don’t smile at all (it’s probably to do with the culture) so they looks so to us.


20 Craig Road
#01-02 Craig Place

Tel: 6557 0547






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