Chopsuey Cafe

今日のディナーのレストランがなかなか決まらず、当日になって予約を入れられるレストランは限られていますし、ネットで検索したりあれこれ考え、最終的に「Chopsuey Cafe」に予約を入れました。夫にメッセージしたところ、多分嬉しくないのだろうなと思う反応でしたが、その後わたしのブログを読んでわたしが「思いっきりテンションが低かった夫も、美味しかったね、とご機嫌でした。」と書いてあったので大丈夫そうと思ったようでした(笑)。2度ほどしか行っていないレストランなので夫はあまり覚えていなかったようで、中華レストランが苦手な夫は「ええ〜、中華か〜。」とがっかりしたそうですが、食べているうちに「ここ、悪くないね。」と言っていました。レストランの雰囲気は全然中華でなないですし、食べ物もそこそこ美味しいと思います。

We couldn’t decide where to go for dinner today.  Not many good restaurants are available for booking on the day so I had to research for a while before deciding on Chopsuey Cafe.  When I messaged my husband, I could tell he wasn’t too happy with my choice but when I saw him after work he told me he checked on my blog and felt happier after reading what I wrote when we were there last time.  In general, he doesn’t like Chinese restaurant, he does have some Chinese dishes he likes but I think he really doesn’t like the decor, the bright lightings and the atmosphere of most Chinese restaurants.  Chopsuey Cafe isn’t really a Chinese restaurant, it’s more like a cafe with westernised Chinese food.  The decor is quite nice and the food is also mostly good.


Yes, I forgot to take my camera again!


The top row from the left – Lettuce Cup (with stir-fried vegetables & chicken – we thought it was quite spicy but we enjoyed it), Chicken & Tofu Satay ( so-so), Chilli and Tofu (so-so).  The bottom row from the left – Honey Ginger Chicken (it’s on the sweet side but crispy and tasty, we like it) and Sticky Date Pudding (I wrote this before, it’s not sticky at all, for me the sauce is too sweet and too much so I eat just th spongy part, my husband loves the sweet sauce).


We also ordered a bottle of sparkling water, a bottle of white wine and 1 bowl of rice and the bill was S$220.  Wine is very expensive in Singapore so when you eat in a nice enough restaurant the bill won’t be much lower than that.  This is P.S. Cafe Group so on the expensive side I guess.  It was very busy tonight, I guess it’s popular.

Chopsuey Cafe
#01-23, 10 Dempsey Rd
Singapore 247700

Tel: 9224 6611

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