House of AnLi

ちょっと久しぶりにお目にかかるお友達と、ランチをご一緒しました。House of Anli のカフェがオープンしたそうなので行ってみたいとのことでしたので、House of Anli に。最近雑誌で見かけるまでご存じなかったとのこと、多分オープンしてから最低1年、もしかすると2年近く経っているのではと思いますが(自分のブログで調べてみたところ去年1月に初めて行っていますので1年半くらいですね)、最初に廊下から見えるお店の部分がオープンして、そのあとしばらくしてからお店の奥の廊下からは見えないところにカフェがオープンしたのでわかりにくいのだと思います。大きなカメラは持って行かなかったので、携帯写真です。

I had lunch with a friend I hadn’t seen for a little while.  She wanted to see what “House of Anli” in Tanglin Mall was like as she hadn’t been, but saw it in a magazine recently.  It opened about a year and a half ago but it’s not somewhere you can see from the corridor of the mall (it’s behind the shop part so unless you go inside the shop and to the back of it you would not see it) so she hadn’t seen it.  I didn’t take my big camera so the photos are taken with my iPhone.


The decor is really nice.  It was quiet when we got there around 12.00.  I didn’t think you can make a reservation as it’s a cafe but we were asked if we’d made a reservation so I guess you can.  It started to get busy after 1.00pm.




I hadn’t been there for a while and it looked like they added some items on their menu during the time since then.  Although the decor is lovely I thought there weren’t enough items on the menu that I would choose for lunch – it was either breakfast menu or quiche or salad – but now they have some sandwiches it’s better for me.  I chose Baguette sandwich with ham, tomato & egg.  The Baguette wasn’t the type I like (I prefer the crispy type that you can bite easily, but it was chewy kind) but tasted good.  The salad dressing was also very tasty.



My friend had Steak Sandwich and she liked the Sourdough bread very much.



I had tea and my friend had juice to continue our chat.  The place can get very noisy when busy (because the voices seem to echo a lot) but it was still relatively quiet, so nice to be able to chat without shouting to each other.


I found out that she is leaving for Japan for good next month – so I’m losing another friend.  Very sad….  Still she seems to travel a lot so hopefully we can get together somewhere often enough!

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