Today’s dinner was Gyoza, one of my husband’s favourites.  However, it was a complete failure.  I wanted to cook it in the way it has a thin crispy film that my husband loves so I followed a recipe that I found online.  This was the mistake I made.  I seems like the ration of water and starch was very wrong, it was much too thick and made a huge mess.  Then I thinned it down and tried again – this time I checked the pork if it was cooked and it looked pink!  No matter how long I cooked it still looked pink.


After searching online I found out that something that cabbage has makes meat pink, and the more you cook, the more pink the meat becomes!  When I was cooking them in the past in my normal way I never even checked inside and just ate it but as I followed a very different way of cooking today I checked inside – and this happened!  I was so flustered, upset disappointed and completely exhausted at the end…




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