Penne In Tomato Sauce & Mozzarella Balls


Today’s dinner was Penne in Tomato Sauce with some mozzarella balls.  I had to do some cooking for tomorrow’s lunch so I wanted to make something easy for dinner today and put some tomato sauce I froze from freezer to the fridge.  (They should have had labels but they didn’t) but I found out when it was thawed that it was tomato soup with cumin rather than pasta sauce.  I couldn’t decide if I should change my plan to Soup & Salad so asked my husband and he wanted pasta, so I just reduced the soup a little and used it as a pasta sauce.  When I searched on internet a lot of recipes for tomato sauce with cumin came up so it’s not something terrible, it was fine, but I don’t think I would intentionally use cumin in tomato sauce for pasta.









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