House of AnLi

今日もお友達とランチをご一緒しました。ずっと予定がほとんどなかったのに、今週だけいくつか入っています。場所は、タングリンモールのHouse of AnLi。

I had lunch with a friend at House of AnLi in Tanglin Mall today.  I haven’t had much going on recently but somehow this week I have a few lunch appointments.


Both of us had sandwich with ham, egg and lettuce.  I don’t think I had any problem before but somehow this time the boiled egg smelled strong.  I don’t know why but I have this problem with boiled eggs often in Singapore in cafe – I’ve never had this problem in Japan, even sandwiches in convenient stores are delicious.





Then we each had tea/coffee and it was about S$30 per person.  I feel their portion is quite small but I supposed it’s good for me!  I did feel full by the time I finished tea.


I guess I hadn’t seen this friend for a couple of months so there were a lot to catch up.  We were there from 12.00pm until nearly 4.00pm, it always surprises me how fast the time goes!  It was lovely to catch up with her.


We used to often have problem finding a taxi near 4.00pm but these days it’s usually quite easy to get one.  There were a few taxis waiting at the taxi rank outside the mall so I was able to get one straight away.


House of AnLi
#03-17 Tanglin Mall
163 Tanglin Road
Singapore 247933

Tel: 6235 3851







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