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It’s been a while since I made Beef Casserole for our Christmas Eve’s dinner, as we’ve been away on this day in recent years,but this year I will as we are home for Christmas.

As a Casserole is always nicer when cooked on the day before, I was planning to cook it during the day today but I totally forgot!  I remembered it after we’d made the mince pies but by then I would have disturbed my husband cooking dinner, so I decided to cook it after my husband had gone to bed.


This year, I cooked it without any recipe.  We bought Shin of beef yesterday so I marinated it in red wine overnight last night and cooked it today.  I used some dried porcini so maybe this is a little Italian.  I thought we had some celery but it was going off so I just used onion and garlic for the base and added a lot of large carrots with the beef.  While I was sautéing the beef I added some flour, then poured in the red wine little by little and added some chicken stock to barely cover the beef and carrot.  I added a couple of bay leaves, the left over pizza sauce (it’s the one I made the other day, it only has garlic and one of those small carton of tomatoes), so very simple.  I cooked it in the oven at 160 for an hour and a half and checked the beef and found it was already quite tender, so I took it out and am letting it cool down in a Tupperware.  Tomorrow, I will get rid of the solidified fat, then separate the chopped onion and garlic from the beef and liquid, put the onion and garlic in the food processor with a little liquid then put all together and warm it up with some added vegetables (probably potato).  At this stage it doesn’t seem as if I added enough flour and it’s very liquidy so I may have to make it thicker.


When I was running an entertaining class in Hong Kong (only for my good friends) I used to cook like this around midnight – nice memories.


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