Pasta with Zucchini & Caper

今日夫が作ってくれたの夕食は、River Cafe Cook Book Easy』という料理本の「ズッキーニとケイパー」のパスタ。わたしはこういうオイルベースのソースのさっぱりしたスパゲティーかトマトソース系が大好き、夫は具沢山のパスタやクリーム系のパスタが好み。今日はズッキーニとトマトとモッツァレラを並べてオーブンで焼くものを作るつもりだったようですが、前回作ってくれた時夫もわたしもメインには物足りないのとモッツァレラがチューインガムのようになるのでちょっとね、と言っていたので、ズッキーニとトマトでできるこのパスタを作って欲しいとリクエストしました。わたしも作ったことがありますが、夫が作ってくれる方が美味しい。ちょっとピリッとして、ズッキーニの食感もワインビネガーの酸味も美味しかったです。大好きなパスタ!

Today’s dinner my husband cooked was “Zucchini and Capers” (pasta with tomatoes, zucchini, capers, dried chilli…) from “River Cafe Cook Book Easy“.  I love this sort of oil based and light spaghetti and tomato sauce, my husband prefers short pasta with sauce that has a lot of ingredients or a cream sauce.  Today, he was going to bake sliced zucchini, tomato and mozzarella in the oven but I reminded him that last time he made this we didn’t think it was enough for a main course and also we didn’t like the way the mozzarella had become chewy and so I requested him to make this pasta, which also uses zucchini and tomato, instead. I have made it once or twice before but it’s far nicer when my husband makes it.  The kick you get from chilli, the crispy texture of zuccini and the acidity of wine vinegar were all contributing to this simple but delicious dish.  One of my favourite pasta dishes!


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