Ploughman’s Lunch


Yesterday I wanted to go somewhere to pick something up about 20 minutes by car from my friends’ house, so she took me there. We had lunch near there, then stopped at a few places including a lovely garden centre on the way back.


I’d already had lunch at this particular pub twice with my husband before yesterday but hadn’t really liked what I’d had, sophisticated time I ordered a Ploughman’s Lunch, which I think is always one of the safest options in pubs. I chose Stilton for the cheese and it came accompanied by a large piece of sausage roll, a few thick slices of large ham, slices of apple, some celery, beets, picked onion, a big salad and 2 large pieces of baguette – enough for 2 people! I guess I had about a half. My friend had a prawn sandwich, which seemed good, too.

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