This is the bouquet of flowers I wrote about in yesterday’s post.  The narcissus in the bouquet I had before that was smaller, totally white and had layered petals, but these are not layered, and the middle part is yellow.  The anemones in the last bouquet never opened up properly but one of the current ones is fully opened and looking very pretty.  I love anemones.  The ranunculus is from the last bouquet, only 1 was left (and the stems of others just bent like they often do) and still looking beautiful.  I love flowers, they make me happy!



Incidentally, the people who lived in this house before us left their bird feeder on the wall on the back garden side so about a week ago we put sunflower seeds in there, but we hadn’t seen any birds eating them until today (it’s in a position I cannot see from my desk in the dining room) – but my husband saw some little birds there, videoed them and showed it to me this morning.  Then I also saw a robin there!  When I see birds I think of a friend of mine in Singapore who hates birds, but I love little birds, I hope more will come.  Our friend in Exeter knows a lot about birds so I’ll have to ask her advice, maybe sunflower seeds are too large for little birds?


The majority of England (and the UK) is to Japanese “country side”.  When you drive only a few minutes from a town it already looks very country with lots of green.  That’s one of the lovely things in England, I love seeing birds and hearing them chirping around our own house.




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