Ribeye Steak


Today’s dinner was steak, my husband’s suggestion.  In Japan, I always have fillet because Japanese beef has more marbled fat and other cuts are too heavy for me.  However, in Hong Kong and Singapore, I found fillet too dry and too gamy, so I used to have Ribeye, it has a lot of fat but I can just cut that off.  It tends to be tougher but I find it has better flavour.  I have had fillet in a restaurant recently in England and it was good so I didn’t mind trying fillet but my husband (he always has fillet in restaurants) suggested Ribeye saying I liked it better and I also thought perhaps it’s safer to go for Ribeye.  We had just 1 steak cut by the butcher and shared it – about 285g in total.


My husband was in charge of the steak, he cooked it using Anova (low temperature cooking gadget), then seared the outside with oil and butter.  I was in charge of the side dishes.  I cooked Brussels’s sprouts, sugar snap peas, carrots and also Dauphinoise with potato and satoimo (a kind of small yam potato) because we bought a couple of satoimo in the oriental grocery shop we’d been to recently.  I saw someone blogging satoimo gratin and I wanted to try it.  My husband preferred just potatoes but I quite enjoyed both.


This is my part of the steak, I guess about 120g or a little less.  Steak was very tender and very good, not gamy at all.  The sauce was red wine & cream sauce.  I wish I cooked more vegetables but it was a good dinner.  We had cheese after this.




The flowers you see in the back are also from a supermarket like the last one I talked about.  Very similar flowers except that narcissus are slightly different type and there was no ranunculus.   Anemone in the last bouquet never opened but the ones in this bouquet have.  Hyacinth and narcissus are so fragrant, the whole room smell of them.





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