Motte & Bailey Cafe (Arundel)


It was a nice sunny day yesterday but today it was grey and rained a little.

今日は午後からチチェスター の美容院に予約を入れていてArundelに用もあったので、Arundel でランチをしました。今回で3度目の「Motte & Bailey」。他のカフェもトライしたいのですが、急いでいたので知っているところに。わたしはナスと赤パプリカとゴートチーズ(?)のキッシュ、夫はマッシュルームとほうれん草とフェタチーズのキッシュ。



We went back to Motte & Bailey on Arundel for a quick lunch today. The other day when we were there last, my friend said she really liked the quiche because it was very light, so I ordered it today.  I agree that it’s very light because the quiche pastry is extremely thin and, I think, it doesn’t have any (or much) butter, but I found it too dry.  I’m sure it’s better for me, but I didn’t enjoy it so I left the pastry behind and had just the filling, which was nice.  I also liked the potato salad.  My husband enjoyed his quiche also.


Motte & Bailey Cafe
49 High Steet
Arundel BN18 9AG

Tel: 01903 883813



After lunch, we bought a steak in the butcher in Arundel, my husband took me to the hair salon and he did some food shopping while I was in the salon, before picking me up when I was finished.



I didn’t expect it to be so cold because the weather wasn’t nice but it felt very cold when we went out, maybe because it was windy.  Inside our house it’s quite warm and I’m wearing just a thin long-sleeved shirt most of the day, I forget how cold it is outside.



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