Today’s Bread – Bread Machine


超強力粉 150g
00粉 20g
Cobber Flour 230g
砂糖 24g
塩 8g
オリーブオイル 大さじ3
冷水 290ml
イースト 小さじ4分の3


The bread baked this morning – I cannot call it “milk bread” because I didn’t use any milk but I used the recipe of the milk bread as a base.  I used the same amount of liquid (cold water instead of milk) and yeast, but changed the rest, and used the same programme with “dark” crust setting.  We had only 150g of Canadian Very Strong Flour was left so I used 230g of Cobber Flour and 20g of 00 flour.

150g Canadian Very Strong Flour
20g 00 flour
230g Cobber Flour
24g Sugar
8g Salt
3 Tbs Olive Oil
290ml Cold Water
3/4 tsp Yeast



It came out very nice.  The crust was very nice and tasty as well.  It was very good as it is and also for sandwiches that we made for lunch.  It’s softer than the French and Italian style bread we were baking with the machine that broke, but not too soft and I think we can have it at meals as well.  Next time maybe I’ll increase the amount of 00 flour or even use Japanese cake flour.







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