Rhubarb Crumble


It’s been a long time since we made Rhubarb Crumble, but we made it today.


When we were young, I used to make dessert or buy something sweet more often to have after dinner, but since we got older and had to think of our health more, we stopped having desserts other than  having fruits every day and cheese once or twice a week, we hardly have something sweet for a dessert after dinner.  (We do at tea time, though.)


My husband loves rhubarb but we haven’t had it for a long time because we don’t have desserts very often.  We have bought some a few times but we let them go off forgetting to use them.  We had some from a supermarket delivery today so we decided to make crumble straight away after lunch.


My husband made the crumble part using Delia Smith’s recipe.  I personally prefer more chunky style crumble, but this one is very smooth style.  Our rhubarb was half of the recipe but my husband forgot to halve the sugar to cook rhubarb with so we thought it might be too sweet (he added the sugar in the pot of cut rhubarb) but it wasn’t, it was still sour to me!  It was a happy accident that we added much more sugar.  The rhubarb we had weren’t very red so I guess they were more sour.


Nowadays, they can get hold of rhubarb quite easily in Japan, too, so people seem to know them but in case some don’t these are rhubarbs.




(I borrowed the above photo from this site.)




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