Advent Calendar


We are now in December!  Only a month is left this year.  The days are very short now, the sun rise is about 7.40am and the sun set is before 4.00pm, if the weather isn’t good it starts to get dark around 3.00pm.  The sun rise is about an hour later and the sun set is about 50 minutes earlier comparing to Japan, so the day is almost 2 hours shorter here.   The weather hasn’t been very good, often very gray if not raining but it was a very beautiful day today.  I remember it was raining all the time at this point last year, it’s not as bad this year.


I see a lot of advent calendars are in the market in England.  I wonder if they have them in Japan,too.  I think the most popular ones are those from popular cosmetic companies or perfume companies, I don’t use any cosmetics and perfume ones are much too expensive for me to feel comfortable buying.  Of course, there are many inexpensive ones as well, you can buy many of them in supermarkets like ordinary chocolate ones.  By the time I thought of getting one, everything was sold out online, you have to be early. It looks like a cheese advent calendar seems very popular this year.


I bought 2 for the first time this year – Fortnum & Mason’s Truffle Chocolate one and a Tea one.









The box “1” had Christmas Tea, which we will enjoy at tea time later.



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