Japanese Hot Pot


As it’s gone quite cold, we had a Japanese hot pot for dinner today.  The highest temperature is single digit now.  I guess many people are having hot pots for dinner now in Japan, too, as I hear it’s gone colder there.  We don’t have hot pot so often but my husband also loves it so we have it now and again.  We hadn’t had it since we moved to England because I didn’t know what the tofu we can get here is like, but the one we can get on a online supermarket isn’t too bad, we can have it whenever we want.


Since there was quite a lot of the filling for gyoza left when we made them, I froze it so we can use it for a hot pot, so that’s what we used for meatballs.  I prefer the chicken meatballs that I usually make for a hot pot, it was good not to waste it.  We used shiitake, carrot, lettuce, baby leek & tofu.  Like I wrote the other day, we bought a portable IH cooker instead of gas one so we cannot use our Japanese ceramic pot, we used a Staub instead.



There is a shabu-shabu restaurant called “Don Shop” in Umeda in Osaka in Japan, where we used to go often.  We loved their sesame Shabu-Shabu sauce and that’s what I try to recreate when I make my own Shabu-Shabu sauce.  It came out very close today.  I used a bottle of store-bought sesame sauce and added tahini, soy sauce, Tobanjan, grated garlic, grated ginger, black vinegar and a little sugar.  We add a lot of chopped green onions and coriander leaves to the sauce and dip the vegetables and meatballs into it. We enjoyed it very much, specially as we hadn’t had it for a long time.









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